[Originally posted on 2018-08] Recently, I was trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 on the second SSD drive, to have dual boot Windows 7 + Ubuntu available. It seemed to be quite easy – download Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, create bootable USB, and here you go! But, the first attempt was not […]

How to cheat on “Unable to install GRUB” error, Ubuntu ...

Intro: if you’d prefer to read this post in Ukrainian or Russian, you can check it by this or this links. Unit testing – is a very important part of development for any kind of software. By itself, unit testing – is a testing of separate code modules. One can do it […]

JKI VI Tester – useful tool for LabVIEW developer

In this blog article, I’d like to share impressions from the concert of the legendary Depeche Mode, which we’ve seen in Bratislava, 20.05.2017. I’ll not talk too much – long story short, I enjoyed it so much! Although I’m not their fan, and before I was listening just to couple […]

Depeche Mode – Bratislava, 20.05.2017

Hello world! – Привіт світ! – це традиційна серед програмістів усіх мастей і мов (ну може окрім LabVIEW, де перша програма – це вивід графіка на екран) програма, ціллю якої є показ на екрані цього самого тексту “Hello world!”. Зробивши це, можна вважати, що перший крок у світ програмування, відер кави […]

Привіт, світ!