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VIPM 2020 and previous VIPM version installers

VIPM 2020

In 2020, JKI has released new version of VI Package Manager – VIPM 2020 – which brings us refreshed look of the tool and a lot of improvements and new functionality.

But, the pity is that it is not possible to download older versions of VIPM from JKI web page anymore.

Older versions of VIPM are needed for those users who have purchased VIPM license some time ago and didn’t extend it – so they can not apply it for newer VIPM 2020 version. If you are new VIPM user – then VIPM 2020 is right choice for you without any doubts.

This topic was already discussed at JKI forum VIPM 2020 and previous VIPM versions, but as I couldn’t find it by Google but just by direct search on the forum, I’ve decided to post it also here.

In case when VIPM is updated, then information about it is stored in file “C:\ProgramData\JKI\VI Package Manager XXX\updates\vipm-update.aiu”. And from this file, it was possible to get direct links to VIPM version of previous years (for Windows). So here they are:

VIPM 2017 –

VIPM 2018 –

VIPM 2019 –


Somehow I’ve missed this thread And it comes that all previous VIPM versions are available officially here: So, things are even easier than I thought 🙂

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