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CLA-E summit 2017

This January finally it happened – I’ve passed CLA (Certified LabVIEW Architect) exam. And luckily, I was able to jump-in, and register for CLA summit, which was held in Vienna (also luck, b/c it’s quite close to me now). And I’d just like to share some impressions about this summit in this small post.

The “slogan” of the summit was “Real-Life LabVIEW – Architects in the Real World”. So, there were some bussiness-related topics were actually not so close to me; but anyway it was interesting to listen to such presentations, and panel discussions.

What I really enjoyed, are presentations related to architecture topics, code reuse, code refactoring, creating of scalable and reusable solutions, flexible interfaces. There were really nice, and interesting presentation. Personally for me, I can highlight some of them, like:

Fabiola De la Cueva – about Technical Wealth & Debt;

Piotr Kruczkowski with his UI Manager Tool – what I believe is promising tool, even if it does not do something impossible and fantastic, but it is quite practical one;

Jorge Vasiliadis with his Flexible UIs – that was really nice to see, how beautiful interfaces he creates. Hopefully, later on there will be rised up discussion about the flexible UI framework, and together with community it will be implemented;

Jeff Kodosky with the new feature in LabVIEW 2017 – VI Macros. Anyway, it’s interesting to here such a new information from the first hands of Father of LabVIEW;

Stephen Loftus-Mercer with his “When Software Actors Rebel Against Autocratic, Socialist Programmers” – it can change view on software architecture a lot; it was very interesting, and I believe in the future it will be developed into practical approaches and usage;

Dmitry Sagatelyan, with his approach for code reusability.

So overall, I am very happy that I had such opportunity to see it, and to hear a lot of new and interesting ideas. Now it’s just right time to implement them, and play with them =)

So, if you are CLA, and you do have opportunity to attend the summit – don’t miss it, it’s completely worth it!

Note: photo is taken from Facebook, original is from twitter (, and from website ( – hopefully no one’s copyrights are not touched =)

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